Associate Professor Carolyn Allan is a member of the Clinical Andrology Research group in the Centre for Endocrinology and Metabolism.

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Areas of interest

Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) Male infertility

Research group

Clinical Andrology


Associate Professor Carolyn Allan graduated in medicine from Monash University with honours and undertook advanced training in endocrinology at Prince Henry’s Hospital / Monash Medical Centre and at St Bartholomew’s (Barts) Hospital in London.

Her PhD thesis examined the role of androgens in the ageing male with an emphasis on their role in body composition, particularly visceral adiposity, and markers of cardiovascular risk.

Associate Professor Allan has been recognised with research awards from the Endocrine Society of Australia and the USA based Women in Endocrinology Society. She has written chapters, reviews and editorials in leading texts and journals on the topic of androgen deficiency and the role of testosterone supplementation in ageing men.

Androgen physiology and the role of testosterone in ageing and metabolism are a major focus of the team’s work with several clinical interventional studies looking at a range of endpoints including body composition, cardiovascular risk and quality of life. These studies involve close collaboration with various departments at Monash Medical Centre.

Specifically these studies have focused on ageing men stratified by body composition (non-obese / obese).

In collaboration with pharmaceutical partners new models of androgen delivery are being studied. Professor Robert McLachlan, Associate Professor Allan and Dr Matthiesson have provided expert advice and assistance in the development of clinical trial protocols to test novel drug delivery systems.

The Androgen Replacement Service is assisting in post authorisation surveillance studies on the use of long acting intra-muscular testosterone undecanoate.

Research Projects:

  • Testosterone and cardio-metabolic health

Research Achievements:

2007 – Henry Burger Prize for Clinical Research
2005 – Endocrine Society of Australia Bryan Hudson Clinical Endocrinology Award
2005 – Endocrine Society of Australia Travel Grant, Annual Scientific Meeting
2005 – The Janet W. McArthur Award for Excellence in Clinical Research (US) Women in Endocrinology Abstract Award
2004 – Endocrine Society of Australia, International Congress of Endocrinology Travel Award
2004 – Monash University Postgraduate Travel Grant

Publication highlights