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  • RNA offers hope for new Parkinson’s treatment

    An RNA-based gene therapy treatment for Parkinson’s disease that could slow and possibly even stop the condition is now a big step closer.…  Read more

    Professor Vincent Harley and Dr Jim Vadolas at Hudson Institute
  • Lymphoma treatment targets multiple diseases

    The search for new therapies to treat a rare type of non-Hodgkins lymphoma has had an unexpected success – identifying a potential molecular target to treat other related forms of lymphoma as well.…  Read more

    Tissue section from a pre-clinical model in which precancerous lesions of stomach lymphoma are seen to be predominantly composed of B cells (green) and surrounded by different types of immune cells (red, yellow). Image provided by Dr Ying.
  • Pioneering work attracts VCA cancer fellowships

    Two Hudson Institute researchers at different stages of their careers have won sought-after Victorian Cancer Agency (VCA) Fellowships. Blood cancer specialist Dr Catherine Carmichael received the VCA Mid-Career Research Fellowship for her research into Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML), while Dr Claire Sun was awarded the VCA Early Career Research Fellowship to further her search for…  Read more

    Dr Catherine Carmichael and Dr Claire Sun from Cancer for Cancer Research at Hudson Institute win sought-after Victorian Cancer Agency Fellowships.
  • Blood cancer – frequently asked questions

    Dr Catherine Carmichael answers frequently asked questions about blood cancer. Dr Carmichael is a molecular cancer biologist and Head of the Leukaemia Modelling and Therapeutic Discovery Research group within the Centre for Cancer Research at Hudson Institute.…  Read more

    Dr Catherine Carmichael answers frequently asked questions about blood cancer.
  • Targeting childhood cancer | Jaxon’s story

    Sarah Russell knew something was gravely wrong with one of her twins, five-year-old Jaxon, when he became seriously ill with vomiting, nausea and unusual bruising, while his brother, Hunter, remained well.…  Read more

    Jaxon Russell features in Hudson Institute's 2019 Annual Report, Targeting childhood cancer
  • VCA funding for Hudson Institute researchers

    MIMR-PHI cancer researchers, Drs George Grigoriadis and Daniel Gough were among 25 scientists recently awarded VCA funding.…  Read more

    Dr George Grigoriadis and Dr Daniel Gough awarded VCA funding.