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  • Making an impact – Hudson research recognised in public healthcare awards

    Hudson Institute research has been recognised for its impact on Victoria’s healthcare, with two projects named as finalists in the 2022 Victorian Public Healthcare Awards.…  Read more

    Dr Miranda Davies-Tuck, Baby Arjun with mother Neelima Kota
  • Finding a cause of high blood pressure

    After watching her father struggle with hypertension (high blood pressure) for decades, endocrinologist Dr Jun Yang found he had a hormonal condition called primary aldosteronism (PA).…  Read more

    Dr Jun Yang and her father Lisheng Yang at Hudson Institute
  • Equipping hospitals for primary aldosteronism patients

    After identifying Primary Aldosteronism (PA) as a significant cause of high blood pressure, Dr Jun Yang is now leading a multi-state push to have hospitals equipped to treat the condition.…  Read more

    Dr Jun Yang from the Cardiovascular Endocrinology Research Group at Hudson Institute
  • GPs take a second look at primary aldosteronism and high blood pressure

    A simple blood test for primary aldosteronism could save more than half a million Australians from unnecessary illness, medication and expense, a new study has found…  Read more

    Dr Jun Yang from the Cardiovascular Endocrinology Research Group at Hudson Institute
  • Gender clues unlocked in hormone-related high blood pressure

    Hudson Institute scientists have found that a hormone that can cause high blood pressure has been found to behave differently in young men and women, possibly paving the way for more targeted diagnosis and treatment.…  Read more

    Dr Jun Yang from the Cardiovascular Endocrinology Research Group at Hudson Institute
  • Dr Jun Yang and primary aldosteronism profiled

    After watching her father struggle to battle hypertension — or high blood pressure — for decades, Dr Jun Yang ran some tests and was able to find one targeted treatment that successfully lowered his blood pressure to a healthy level for the first time.…  Read more

    Dr Jun Yang standing with her father in a park
  • High blood pressure service increases referrals

    A clinical service and primary care outreach program focused on hormonal causes of high blood pressure — the first of its kind in Victoria — has led to earlier screening and diagnosis of primary aldosteronism.…  Read more

    Dr Jun Yang from the Cardiovascular Endocrinology Research Group at Hudson Institute
  • NHMRC Investigator Grants success

    Hudson Institute is delighted to announce the success of our researchers in the latest NHMRC Investigator Grant round. Internationally-renowned childhood sleep expert Professor Rosemary Horne has been awarded more than $2 million to pursue studies investigating the implications of impaired sleep on the developing brain, while Dr Jun Yang has been awarded more than half…  Read more

    Dr Rosemary Horne and Dr Jun Yang, National Health and Medical Research Council Investigator Grants
  • Congratulations to our CASS Foundation grant awardees

    Five Hudson Institute researchers have been awarded one-year Medicine/Science grants totalling nearly $300,000 by The CASS Foundation, to advance their research projects into mitochondrially-driven cancers, ovarian cancer, Parkinson’s disease, primary aldosteronism and endometriosis in 2020.…  Read more

    2020 Successful CASS Foundation Grants applicants
  • NHMRC Ideas Grant success

    Hudson Institute has had outstanding success in the NHMRC Ideas Grant round.

    Our researchers have been awarded nine NHMRC Ideas Grants, totalling almost $8.5 million and a success rate of 19.1 per cent.…  Read more

  • Human from fish – flipping the salt regulation switch

    Researchers have made an evolution related breakthrough in discovering the critical change in hormonal salt regulation that allowed life to evolve out of the seas and onto land.…  Read more

    L-R | Dr Morag Young, Professor Peter Fuller, Yi Zhou Yao
  • 2019 IMPACT Philanthropy – Perpetual

    Two Hudson Institute researchers, Dr Jun Yang and Dr Maree Bilandzic have been successful in the 2019 IMPACT Philanthropy program, from Perpetual, which are awarded to organisations based on their strategy, outcomes, capability and leaderships.…  Read more

    Dr Maree Bilandzic and Dr Jun Yang at Hudson Institute of Medical Research
  • Free tests help in blood pressure fight

    High blood pressure, or hypertension, continues to claim the lives of millions worldwide each year, despite the fact it only takes minutes to detect through screening.…  Read more

    Free tests could help in blood pressure fight..
  • Sleep patterns may contribute to poor heart health

    While most of us know a good night’s sleep is important for our health, a new study has pinpointed why it also could be crucial for maintaining a healthy heart. A study by Dr Morag Young, and students Elizabeth Fletcher and Monica Kanki, shows how changes in our heart’s circadian clock, as might occur with…  Read more

    Morag Young - sleep patterns and poor heart health are related.
  • Prestigious grant for cardiovascular research

    Dr Jun Yang has been awarded a prestigious $100,000 research grant from the Rebecca L Cooper Medical Research Foundation to find out more about how aldosterone might cause cardiovascular disease. Aldosterone is an important hormone in our body, but if produced in excess it can cause high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack. While it’s…  Read more

    Dr Jun Yang from the Cardiovascular Endocrinology Research Group at Hudson Institute
  • Simple blood test could decrease risk of stroke, heart attack

    Australia’s largest study of a common yet underdiagnosed cause of high blood pressure is starting at Hudson Institute, with the aim of preventing heart attack and stroke. Primary aldosteronism (PA) is a potentially curable cause of high blood pressure (hypertension) caused by the over-production of the hormone aldosterone from the adrenal glands. If left undiagnosed,…  Read more

    Dr Jun Yang from the Cardiovascular Endocrinology Research Group at Hudson Institute
  • Developing better techniques to diagnose a potentially curable form of hypertension

    A multidisciplinary team of researchers and clinicians from Hudson Institute and Monash Health has refined a complex procedure, adrenal vein sampling (AVS), used to identify a surgically curable form of hypertension caused by primary aldosteronism (PA).…  Read more

    Endocrine Hypertension Research Group
  • Is that high blood pressure actually Conn’s Syndrome?

    Melbourne’s first dedicated Endocrine Hypertension Clinic is opening its doors at Monash Health on July 21 to improve treatment of a common yet underdiagnosed cause of high blood pressure. Hudson Institute of Medical Research’s Centre for Endocrinology and Metabolism (CEM) clinician-researchers, Professor Peter Fuller, Dr Jun Yang and Dr Jimmy Shen, are behind the new…  Read more

    Jun Yang and Elise Forbes at the Endocrine Hypertension Clinic