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  • Is genetics the cause of mystery osteoporosis?

    A recently discovered genetic mutation could be the cause of some severe and baffling cases of osteoporosis – including in young people.…  Read more

    High-resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography (HRpQCT) of the tibia demonstrating trabecular disruption and increased cortical porosity.
  • Osteoporosis research awarded $25,000

    The first osteoporosis screening program to identify patients at high risk of fracture following stroke will be established, after the Bone Health Foundation awarded Hudson Institute a $25,000 grant.…  Read more

    Associate Professor Frances Milat research in Osteoporosis awarded $25,000
  • Cerebral Palsy Alliance grant success

    Two Hudson Institute researchers have been awarded a share of almost $165 000 in funding from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance.…  Read more

    Anne Trinh and Vanesa Stojanovska, 2020 CPA Emerging Research Grants recipients
  • Act early to improve bone density for adults with cerebral palsy

    Many people do not realise that people with cerebral palsy (CP) have lifelong complications from brittle bones caused by reduced bone density. A recent study identified the key factors that influence low bone density in adults with CP. …  Read more

  • Inaugural fellowship recipient announced

    Establishing a career in science, and funding for a chosen area of research, can be challenging. Many top young scientists need all the support they can get through the critical phases of their research.…  Read more

    Anne Trinh and Frances Milat - Henry G. Burger Clinical Endocrinology Research Fellowship
  • Study targets bone health, wellbeing

    A new study for a method to predict long-term bone health issues in people with cerebral palsy could help to improve their quality of life.…  Read more

    Dr Anne Trinh, 2021 Cerebral Palsy Alliance grant success
  • Hormone replacement therapy could help kidney dialysis patients

    Men undergoing kidney dialysis may have lower testosterone and reproductive hormone levels, providing evidence as to why this group are more prone to bone fractures, a new Hudson Institute of Medical Research study has shown. The study, by Clinical Associate Professor Frances Milat and first author Dr Jasna Aleksova, suggests hormone replacement therapy could be…  Read more

  • Stunning NHMRC Grant success

    Hudson Institute has had outstanding success in the recent NHMRC Project Grant round. In addition, our researchers have been awarded an NHMRC Partnership Grant, an NHMRC Development Grant, an ARC Discovery Grant and three NMHRC Fellowships.…  Read more

    Professor Marcel Nold and A/Professor Claudia Nold from Hudson Institute of Medical Research
  • NHMRC Fellowship and Development Grant success

    Hudson Institute researchers will work to prevent osteoporosis, protect unborn babies’ brains from damage and harness mitochondrial DNA to give women a better chance of pregnancy, thanks to almost $2 million in funding awarded by Australia’s leading medical research body. The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) last week announced funding for the research…  Read more

    Suzie Miller at Hudson Institute
  • Clinician-researcher recognised with Monash Health leadership award

    Dr Frances Milat has been acknowledged for her work as Head of Monash Health’s Metabolic Bone Service at Monash Health with the 2016 One Monash Health Award for Leadership in Excellence in Access and Responsiveness.…  Read more

    Dr Frances Milat receiving her award from Monash Health CEO, Mr Andrew Stripp.
  • Muscle mass crucial to preventing bone fractures in young people with cerebral palsy

    Maintaining muscle mass is crucial for good bone health in young adults with cerebral palsy (CP), a new collaborative study by endocrinology researchers at Hudson Institute of Medical Research has found.…  Read more

    Anne Trinh
  • MIMR-PHI student honoured for clinical research excellence

    MIMR-PHI’s Dr Phillip Wong has been recognised for his innovative clinical research on thalassaemia bone disease. The Endocrine Society of Australia awarded the clinical endocrinologist and PhD student the Bryan Hudson Clinical Endocrinology Award at their annual scientific meeting in Melbourne for his research on the risk of kidney stones and osteoporosis in patients with thalassaemia.…  Read more

    Dr Phillip Wong awarded for clinical research excellence for his Thalassaemia research.