Two bros, no lab, but a laptop and a microphone

By Hudson Institute communications

Ben Amberg and Mikee Inocencio are, in their own words, “two bros who met while doing PhDs”.

Good colleagues, Ben Amberg and Dr Mikee Inocencio initiate The Hudcast during lockdown.
Two bros: Ben Amberg and Dr Mikee Inocencio

When COVID-19 hit, the friends found themselves, like many of us, in a whole new world in lockdown without their daily banter.

But like Shakespeare (allegedly) penning King Lear during the plague, or Isaac Newton discovering the laws of motion, the coronavirus lockdown has inspired them to think big. The HudCast podcast was born.

“Since we’ve been in lockdown, we realised that we depend, a little too much, on social interaction from work. To fill that void, Mikee and I have started a podcast ‘The HudCast’ to share the incredible work of the researchers we work with and their life-changing research,” said Ben.

Each week Ben and Mikee interview a senior researcher from our Institute to learn about their career highlights, a recent scientific discovery and life in general.

“We hope it reaches people who could benefit from learning about the latest medical research in an area of interest to them, and helps other students broaden their knowledge.”

Hudson Institute educates, nurtures and inspires the next generation of scientists and clinicians by equipping them with the tools and skills they need to thrive.

The Hudcast crew interview Dr Rob Galinksky.
L-R: Ben Amberg and Dr Mikee Inocencio podcasting with Dr Rob Galinsky (pictured below). Good things come in threes!

Building vital networks for collaboration, support and thinking outside the box is part of the experience we provide students. We are proud that the COVID-19 lockdown has inspired Ben and Mikee’s latest venture.

A 30-40 minute episode will be released each Wednesday. Catch up on episodes free through Spotify, iTunes or via the media player below.

You can also follow The HudCast on Twitter @thehudcast and Instagram @thehudcast


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