Researcher honoured for career dedicated to saving our smallest patients

Monash University has honoured MIMR-PHI Researcher Professor Stuart Hooper’s outstanding career and research leadership with the 2014 Dean’s Award for Research Excellence (Distinguished Career).

Professor Stuart Hooper receives 2014 Dean’s Award for Research Excellence.
Professor Stuart Hooper

The award recognises Professor Hooper’s contribution to global understanding of fetal and neonatal lung development and transition, as well as his extraordinary success bridging the worlds of medical research, technology development, and clinical practice to drive innovation and improve outcomes for maternal, fetal and neonatal healthcare.

Professor Hooper Head’s, The Ritchie Centre and his team are working to improve clinical management of the transition to air breathing at birth, described as one of the most critical and high-risk events we experience, next to traumatic injury and death, to minimise brain injury in newborns.

Currently the team is studying the impacts of delayed cord clamping and timing of oxytocin, a drug given to mothers following birth to protect against haemorrhage.

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