Presentation of the inaugural Daniel Wilson Metafit PhD Scholarship

By Hudson Institute communications

We are pleased to announce that the inaugural recipient of the Daniel Wilson Memorial PhD Scholarship is Alice West—who, thanks to tremendous fundraising efforts, will have her research costs fully covered over the entirety of her 3–4-year study in stomach cancer.

Daniel Wilson introduced Australia to Metafit in 2013—a high-intensity interval training workout designed to be more efficient and effective than traditional exercises. Since then he has trained thousands of Metafit Coaches and grown the brand to New Zealand, Asia and the USA, inspiring and mentoring many people around the world.

Daniel’s story

In March 2019 Daniel was diagnosed with stage 3 stomach cancer. Daniel was public about his diagnosis and very brave in sharing his story with the hopes that it would inspire and support others.

Unfortunately, Daniel’s battle with this aggressive, late-stage cancer was lost on May 15th 2019—just over two months from diagnosis. He was 37 years old.

“Despite not knowing Daniel personally, I have learnt in a very short time how much he was deeply admired, respected and loved by so many worldwide who have been trained, befriended and mentored by him” said Professor Brendan Jenkins, Research Group Head of the Cancer and Immune Signalling group at Hudson Institute.

Alice West, Professor Brendan Jenkins and Professor Elizabeth Hartland with the Metafit team presenting the Daniel Wilson Metafit PhD Scholarship
Alice West, Professor Brendan Jenkins and Professor Elizabeth Hartland with the Metafit team

“I have met numerous people in the Metafit community here in Melbourne by attending Metafit classes, and have heard of their personal experience with Daniel.”

“He was an inspiring person, and for this reason it seemed appropriate to honour his legacy by starting a PhD student scholarship in his name.”

“This scholarship is strictly focused on stomach cancer research. This is the most tangible and personable way to honour Daniel by having someone who is directly performing stomach cancer research and acknowledging him in various forums, all in Daniel’s name.”

“Furthermore, a key advantage of this scholarship is that 100% of all funds raised go directly to my lab and stomach cancer research, unlike other fundraising organisations where only part of the money raised goes towards research for a specific disease.”

An incredible fundraising effort

Over $37,000 has been raised over the past six months for the scholarship—enough to fully cover the research costs of 1 PhD student over their entire 3–4 year study.

“We are also most eager to continue the fundraising, with the community’s continued support and enthusiasm, so that there are sufficient funds for more scholarships over the coming years, and hopefully fully support a PhD student—in both salary and research costs” said Professor Jenkins.

Congratulations to Alice West

“With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that the inaugural recipient of the Daniel Wilson Memorial PhD Scholarship is a student who has recently started in my lab, Alice West.”

“Her project under this scholarship is to examine the role of the immune system in stomach cancer. She is well educated, motivated, enthusiastic, and has strong personable traits that make her an ideal PhD student for this scholarship. “

“Furthermore, Alice participated in a Metafit fundraiser class at the Hudson Institute earlier this year, so she is fully aware of Daniel and his efforts in building Metafit to be an important part of many people’s lives.”

“We hope this is just the beginning of a wonderful and enduring association between the Metafit and cancer research (Hudson Institute) communities, and will strive to continue Daniel’s legacy by raising funds on an ongoing basis for this scholarship with the community’s enthusiastic and generous support.”

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