MIMR-PHI student honoured for clinical research excellence

By Hudson Institute communications

MIMR-PHI’s Dr Phillip Wong has been recognised for his innovative clinical research on thalassaemia bone disease. The Endocrine Society of Australia awarded the clinical endocrinologist and PhD student the Bryan Hudson Clinical Endocrinology Award at their annual scientific meeting in Melbourne for his research on the risk of kidney stones and osteoporosis in patients with thalassaemia.

Dr Phillip Wong awarded for clinical research excellence for his Thalassaemia research.
Dr Phillip Wong

Awarded annually, the prize recognises the career and contribution of the late Professor Bryan Hudson, who was the first Professor of medicine at Monash University and Prince Henry’s Institute’s original Director. A disorder of red blood cells, Thalassaemia in its most severe form requires regular blood transfusions for treatment of anaemia. These patients can be at risk of developing heart, liver, hormonal, and bone disease related to their underlying condition and treatment related complications.

Dr Wong’s PhD aims to improve understanding of the different risk factors associated with the severe bone loss seen in patients with thalassaemia. His findings were recently published in the prestigious Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. Central to the success of this research has been the depth of his collaboration with clinical colleagues at Monash Health.

“MIMR-PHI Institute’s location and strong ties to Monash Health, the state referral centre for thalassaemia, has allowed me to work closely with colleagues in the Monash Health Metabolic Bone Clinic who are at the frontline of clinical management of this disease. This has placed me in a unique position to drive practical clinical research and expedite translation of findings to improve care and outcomes for patients,” he said.

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