MHTP showcases its Translational Research Facility for the Minister for Industry and Science

By Hudson Institute communications

Today, the Federal Minister for Industry and Science, Ian Macfarlane visited the Monash Health Translation Precinct‘s (MHTP) Federally-funded, $84 million Translational Research Facility, due for completion in October 2015, to experience the advances in Australia’s science and research infrastructure and translation.

Federal Minister for Industry and Science, Ian Macfarlane visited the Monash Health Translation Precinct's (MHTP) Federally-funded, due for completion in October 2015

Mr Macfarlane said that these advances were laying the platform for significant community and economic benefits.

“This facility provides a clear example of the type of collaboration the Australian Government wants to encourage across all of the economy, because they are turning world-class scientific research into real-world and commercial applications,” Mr Macfarlane said.

“It has the capability to make both a local and global impact”.

The MHTP, a partnership between the MIMR-PHI Institute, Monash University and Monash Health, brings clinicians, researchers and educators together to advance discovery and improve healthcare through collaboration and innovation.

Mr Macfarlane was taken on a tour of the facility by Professor Paul Hertzog, Associate Director of the MIMR-PHI Institute, Ms Shelly Park, Chief Executive of Monash Health, and Professor Eric Morand, Head of the School of Clinical Sciences, Monash University, Professor Edwina Cornish, Provost and Senior Vice President Monash University, and Professor Pauline Nestor, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research).

Mr Macfarlane was impressed by the opportunity the facility provides for education, training and the translation of discovery research.

“By providing cutting edge research facilities in bench-to-bedside health research translation they offer significant opportunities for connections between industry and researchers in these fields,” Mr Macfarlane said.

“Collaboration is essential to realise the full benefit of our international standard universities, enabling Australia to move towards higher value-added industries that based on innovation and research.”

Professor Hertzog said that MIMR-PHI Institute’s research will take a great leap forward once 220 of its researchers move into the Translational Research Facility later this year, along with its platform technologies and clinical research activities.

“Our researchers will use the Translational Research Facility to collaborate with clinicians from Monash Health to ensure their research is innovative, clinically viable, and addresses the most pressing patient needs,” Professor Hertzog said.

Mr Macfarlane said the Australian Government was committed to creating stronger links between research, science and industry to ensure competitiveness into the future through its Industry Growth Centres Initiative.

This initiative was created to facilitate stronger connections between industry and research in the critical areas of food and agribusiness; advanced manufacturing; mining equipment, technology and services; oil, gas and energy resources; and medical technologies and pharmaceuticals.

As part of his visit, Mr Macfarlane also toured Monash University’s Computer Aided Virtual Environment (CAVE2) and Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing.

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