Hudson Institute enters into research alliance with Invion Limited

Hudson Institute has entered into a Research and Development Alliance Agreement with Invion Limited to provide key scientific assessment of Invion’s cancer treatment technology, Photosoft.

Photosoft image
Photosoft image

The collaboration will initially focus on the treatment of ovarian cancer, with a view to expanding research and development projects into other forms of cancer.

Hudson Institute will provide the research facilities and expertise required to undertake individual Invion-sponsored research projects. Invion is developing Photosoft™ as a next generation Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT).

PDT uses non-toxic photosensitisers and visible light in combination with oxygen to produce cytotoxic-reactive oxygen with the aim of killing malignant cells and stimulating the immune system.

PDT causes acute inflammation, expression of heat-shock proteins, and invasion and infiltration of a tumour by leukocytes.

As a next-generation PDT, Photosoft™ is targeted to address the limitations of first generation PDT therapies. Photosoft™ uses a laser light activation method based on short, pulsating ‘near infrared’ (NIR) wavelengths.

Advisory board appointment

Dr Andrew Stephens in the lab using Photosoft at Hudson Institute
Dr Andrew Stephens

Dr Andrew Stephens, Group Head of the Ovarian Cancer Biomarkers Research Group at Hudson Institute of Medical Research, has also been appointed to the advisory board of Invion Limited.

Dr Stephens, an Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) Research Fellow, is regarded as one of Australia’s foremost experts in the field of ovarian cancer research. He will provide key scientific assessment of Invion’s cancer treatment technology, Photosoft.

“I am passionate about increasing the survival rates of ovarian cancer and finding better ways to treat and manage the disease,” said Dr Stephens.

‘Encouraging’ early data for Photosoft

“Securing a research alliance with a globally recognised research organisation like Hudson Institute represents an important step in our research and development plans for PhotosoftTM,” said Invion Managing Director & CEO, Dr Collier.

Hudson Institute Director and CEO, Professor Elizabeth Hartland said, “Early data is very encouraging and we believe that Photosoft™ represents a real opportunity to improve the lives of millions of cancer patients around the world. We very much look forward to advancing the development of Photosoft™ with Invion.

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