Snail expression in mammalian testis

Lead researcher

Professor Kate Loveland and Miss Diana Micati

Main finding

This study documents the cellular expression profiles of Snail proteins in the developing and adult mouse testis. The outcomes demonstrated that these transcription factors are present during major developmental switches required for normal testis development and sperm production, and indicated mechanisms by which they control spermatogenesis.


Centre for Reproductive Health

Research group

Testis Development and Germ Cell Differentiation Group


Miss Diana J Micati
Associate Professor Gary R Hime
Professor Eileen A McLaughlin
Associate Professor Helen E Abud
Professor Kate L Loveland

Journal and article title

Most surprising

Our data are the first to reveal the potential for direct involvement of the three Snail transcription factors in sperm production. This information guides our ongoing investigations of their functions in controlling cell-specific, developmentally regulated gene repression or activation, required for sperm production.

Future implications

Because each Snail family member is expressed at specific stages of mouse testis development, we are now a step closer to understanding the molecular mechanisms that underpin normal sperm production. These outcomes align with our other work investigating how disrupted Snail expression may lead to infertility or testicular cancer.

Disease/health impact

Normal testis development and germ cell maturation