Activation of inflammasomes increasingly implicated in cancer, diseases

Lead researcher

Dr Virginie Deswaerte

Main finding

This review highlights recent advancements in our understanding of the transcriptional regulation of genes encoding inflammasome- associated innate immune receptors, and the impact on a variety of cellular responses during disease pathogenesis.


Centre for Innate Immunity & Infectious Diseases

Research group

Cancer and Immune Signalling Laboratory


Dr Saleela Ruwanpura; Professor Brendan Jenkins.

Journal and article title

Most surprising

The dysregulated expression and/or activation of inflammasomes is increasingly implicated in numerous disease states, such as chronic auto-inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, metabolic syndrome, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases, as well as cancer.

Future implications

A better understanding of the mechanisms regulating the inflammasome, and the involvement of such mechanisms in the pathogenesis of human diseases, has potential to assist the development of novel targeted treatments.

Disease/health impact

Multiple diseases