Regenerative medicine for liver cirrhosis

Lead researcher

Rebecca Lim

Main finding

Treatment options for patients with end stage liver cirrhosis are incredibly limited. Ultimately, a liver transplant is the only cure. Our preclinical research to date has provided robust data suggesting that allogeneic human amnion epithelial cells (hAECs) can reverse established liver fibrosis and reduce liver inflammation despite ongoing damage. It is with these promising data that we had progressed our research to a Phase 1 clinical trial, where we hope to determine the safety profile of these stem-like cells in patients with compensated liver cirrhosis.


The Ritchie Centre

Research group

Amnion Cell Biology


Dr Alex Hodge, Dr Gregory Moore, Prof Euan M. Wallace and Prof William Sievert

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liver cirrhosis

Associate Professor Rebecca Lim from the Amnion Cell Biology Research Group at Hudson Institute