Recent insights into targeting the IL-6 cytokine family in inflammatory diseases and cancer

Lead researcher

Professor Brendan Jenkins

Main finding

This invited review summarises the most recent findings about the interleukin-6 cytokine family in infectious diseases, inflammatory disorders and cancers, and the current strategies (and outcomes) in the clinic to block the actions of these cytokines against these diseases.


Centre for Innate Immunity & Infectious Diseases

Research group

Cancer and Immune Signalling Laboratory


Professor Simon Jones

Journal and article title

Most surprising

The diverse breadth of immune-related responses that these cytokines can regulate, and how they impact on the above disease states.

Future implications

Providing a timely and urgently needed review - to basic and clinical researchers - of the literature on the targeting of these cytokines in the above disease states, as well as perspectives on what the current gaps in knowledge are and how they can be addressed.

Disease/health impact

Inflammation and cancer