Protecting female fertility during chemotherapy

Lead researcher

Dr Quynh-Nhu Nguyen, PhD student, University of Melbourne,

Main finding

These studies identify a compound in the cell death pathway responsible for depletion of eggs in the ovarian reserve following exposure to cyclophosphamide or cisplatin


Centre for Reproductive Health

Research group

Ovarian biology


Quynh-Nhu Nguyen, Nadeen Zerafa, Seng H. Liew, F. Hamish Morgan, Andreas Strasser, Clare L. Scott, Jock K. Findlay, Martha Hickey and Karla J. Hutt

Journal and article title

Most surprising

There were mechanistic differences in the death of eggs and depletion of the ovarian reserve in response to these different chemotherapies.

Future implications

Targetted inhibition of PUMA, the compound responsible for the death of eggs may be an effective ovarian-protective strategy during cancer treatment in women.

Disease/health impact

Ovarian cancer

Professor Jock Findlay awarded Honorary Degree.