Progression of ovarian cancer

Lead researcher

Ms Ruth M Escalona

Main finding

The metzincin family of metalloproteinases consists of enzymes involved in matrix remodeling in response to normal physiological changes and diseased states. This review investigates the role of metzincins and their inhibitors in cancer progression with a focus on ovarian cancer.


Centre for Reproductive Health

Research group

Ovarian biology


Ruth M Escalona, Emily Chan, George Kannourakis, Jock K Findlay, Nuzhat Ahmed.

Journal and article title

Most surprising

There is sufficient evidence in the published literature to warrant an investigation of the role of metzincins and their inhibitors in ovarian cancer.

Future implications

We propose that understanding the metzincins and their inhibitor biology in ovarian cancer may provide valuable insights in combating ovarian cancer progression and chemoresistance-mediated recurrence in patients.

Disease/health impact

Ovarian cancer