Looks like a mouse, acts like a mouse, menstruates like a human

Lead researcher

Ms Nadia Bellofiore

Main finding

We had previously demonstrated that the spiny mouse menstruates, the only rodent known to do so. Now we investigated how 'similar' the menstruation process was to humans by examining menstrual endometrial tissue samples from spiny mice and compared them with humans. The process was remarkably similar reinforcing that the spiny mouse is a good model in which to study human-like menstruation.


Centre for Reproductive Health

Research group

Endometrial Remodelling


Bellofiore N, Rana S, Dickinson H, Temple-Smith P, Evans J

Journal and article title

Most surprising

We were amazed by how similar the process of endometrial break-down and menstruation was between the spiny mouse and the human, with the same molecules involved

Future implications

Menstruation is incredibly difficult to study in humans. Use of the spiny mouse opens new avenues in the development of treatments for menstrual related disorders including endometriosis and exceptionally heavy and painful periods, issues which affect the majority of women at some point in their lives.

Disease/health impact

Menstrual health