Investigating links between maternal ethnicity and obesity-related pregnancy outcomes

Lead researcher

Dr. Miranda Davies-Tuck

Main finding

Maternal South Asian region of birth influenced the established and well-known associations between maternal obesity and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, Gestational diabetes mellitus, shoulder dystocia, admission of baby to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit/Special Care Nursery and perinatal morbidity. Accordingly, interventions targeted at reducing maternal obesity would be expected to have different impacts in South Asian born compared to Australian or New Zealand-born women.


The Ritchie Centre

Research group

Epidemiology and Clinical Trials


Ms. Joanne Mockler
Ms. Lynne Stewart
Ms. Michelle Knight
Prof. Euan Wallace

Journal and article title

Most surprising

Despite higher rates of a number of adverse outcomes associated with obesity in South Asian born women, obesity was actually more strongly associated with them among Australian born women.

Future implications

Interventions targeted at reducing maternal obesity will have different impacts in South Asian compared to Australian born women.

Disease/health impact