Improving screening for sleep apnoea in children

Lead researcher

A/Prof Gillian Nixon

Main finding

We have developed a simple five question screening tool that clinicians can use to identify those children at risk of obstructive sleep apnoea among large numbers of referrals for snoring.


The Ritchie Centre

Research group

Clinical Paediatric Sleep Research


Han Jie Soh
Katherine Rowe
Margot J Davey
Rosemary SC Horne
Gillian M Nixon

Journal and article title

Most surprising

A simple screening questionnaire has the potential to be a powerful tool in assessing disease severity and planning treatment for large numbers of snoring children.

Future implications

This tool could be used to prioritise waiting lists for specialist review or to direct referrals to different clinics with various related expertise.

Disease/health impact

Snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea

Other points of interest

Han Jie Soh is a medical student who had a Hudson Institute Student Scholarship last summer. This is the first of two papers to arise from his summer studentship.