Exosome for treatment of chronic liver injury

Lead researcher

Mr Majid Alhomrani

Main finding

Cirrhosis is the end-stage of liver fibrosis characterised by replacement of normal liver tissue into scar tissue. The only treatment options available for cirrhosis patients is liver transplantation. Here we provide a robust data suggesting that human amnion epithelial cells (hAECs) derived exosome (cell-free therapy) could reverse established liver fibrosis and reduce liver inflammation despite the ongoing damage.



Research group

Liver/Gut Inflammation and Fibrosis-SCS and Amnion Cell Biology-TRC


Ms Jeanne Correia
Mr Nathan Kuk
Dr Bryan Leaw
Mr Mohamad Saad
Dr Alexander Hodge
Dr David W. Greening
Dr Rebecca Lim
Prof William Sievert

Journal and article title

Most surprising

Exosome derived from hAECs had similar therapeutic effects to hAECs in chronic liver fibrosis. The exosome is a promising cell-free therapy for chronic liver injury.

Future implications


Disease/health impact

Liver fibrosis