Diabetic related hyperglycaemia impairs male reproductive function

Lead researcher

Dr Constanze Maresch supervised by Profs de Kretser and Linn (Univ of Giessen)

Main finding

Male patients with diabetes may also have infertility due to the action of elevated blood sugar levels on testicular function resulting in impaired spermatogenesis causing lower that normal sperm counts.


Centre for Reproductive Health

Research group

Reproductive biology and endocrinology


Ms Constanze Marsech, Ms D Stute, MG Alves, PF Oliveira, Prof David de Kretser, Porf Tomas Linn

Journal and article title

Most surprising

The value of this paper is that it reviewed all the relevant papers which reported the results of diabetes on male fertility. It provides the reader with an analysis of the studies and the overall conclusions.

Future implications

Men who have diabetes's may have difficulty in conceiving. it also suggests that careful management of the patient's diabetes may prevent or delay the onset of male infertility

Disease/health impact

Diabetes and male infertility