ART tourism is South East Asia

Lead researcher

Dr Linda Bennett

Main finding

Couples from Indonesia travel outside their country to maximise their chances of having a child. Perceptions of higher success rates for conception via ART elsewhere in Asia is the main reason for them to travel. However, emotional and psychological concerns were also crucial in determining travel destinations and included a strong desire for privacy; the desire for emotional support whilst attempting conception via ART; the desire for emotional intimacy with one’s partner; and the wish for religious compatibility with fertility providers and treatment protocols.


Centre for Cancer Research

Research group

EPRD-Dept. Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Dr Mulyoto Pangestu

Journal and article title

Most surprising

The success rate is not the only reason for a couple to travel. The emotional and psychological state of the patients (couples) needs to be put into consideration when providing ART services.

Future implications

An ART clinic (in Indonesia and elsewhere) should be able to provide psychological and emotional understanding.

Disease/health impact

Infertility and medical tourism

Other points of interest

This article was written based on a research collaboration between Dr. Linda Bennett, Health Anthropologist from The Nossal Institute for Global Health at The University of Melbourne and Dr. Mulyoto Pangestu of the Education Program in Reproduction and Development, Dept. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Monash University. This interdiciplinary research is a collaboration between social sciences (anthropology) and health sciences.