Dr Liza O’Donnell is a senior researcher in the Centre of Reproductive Health at Hudson Institute. She joined the Prince Henry’s Institute (now Hudson Institute of Medical Research) in 1991 after completing an undergraduate degree in Biotechnology at RMIT Melbourne, and completed her PhD in 1996.

Dr O’Donnell studies the biology of the testis, including how it produces both sperm and androgens. Her work has focussed on the regulation of sperm production (spermatogenesis) by androgens and estrogens, the development of hormone-based male contraceptives, the role of cell adhesion proteins in spermatogenesis, cytoskeletal proteins important for sperm production, transgenic models of infertility, the regulation of foetal testis development, the process of spermiation (sperm release), the identification of genes and proteins essential for spermatogenesis and the development of biomarkers to diagnose testis function.

Selected publications

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