Dr Julien Legrand is a Postdoctoral Scientist working in the Germline Stem Cell Biology Group led by Associate Professor Robin Hobbs at the Centre for Reproductive Health, Hudson Institute of Medical Research. He is also an Adjunct Research Fellow at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute, Monash University.

Dr Legrand completed his PhD in Regenerative Medicine at the University of Queensland, where he studied adult stem cell and regenerative biology using murine skin and the hair follicle as a model system. Using novel mouse models and in vitro techniques, he characterised the role of transcription factors STAT5 and SOX18 in hair follicle regeneration, as well as the contribution of macrophage populations and genetic polymorphisms on skin wound healing and inflammation.

To pursue his interest in adult stem cell biology, Dr Legrand joined the Germline Stem Cell Biology group in 2015 where he now uses the murine male germline as a model system to understand molecular mechanisms underlying stem cell maintenance and fate decisions. In particular, he is interested in identifying molecular pathways that can be targeted to manipulate stem cell behaviour in order to improve tissue regeneration following damage.

Besides his research work, Dr Legrand is actively involved in representing Early Career Researchers at Institute- and Faculty-level committees, and is passionate about identifying and addressing areas to promote ECR career development and wellbeing.

Selected publications

  • Legrand JMD, Chan AL, La HM, Rossello FJ, Änkö ML, Fuller-Pace FV, Hobbs RM (2019) DDX5 plays essential transcriptional and post-transcriptional roles in the maintenance and function of spermatogonia. Nature Communications 10(1): 2278.

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