Associate Professor Colin Clyne

  • Honorary Research Associate
  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Monash University
  • Role: Honorary Research Associate

After graduating from Edinburgh University, UK in 1994 with a PhD in pharmacology, Dr Clyne travelled to the USA, where he completed postdoctoral training with Professor Bill Rainey at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre at Dallas. With a keen interest in gene expression and cancer, he joined Hudson Institute of Medical Research in 1998, where he established the Cancer Drug Discovery Laboratory to drive research into novel endocrine therapeutic targets in breast cancer.

An internationally respected research leader, he has received numerous awards, including an NHMRC Career Development Award, an International Union against Cancer Fellowship, and most recently a prestigious research grant from Worldwide Cancer Research (formerly AICR; Association for International Cancer Research). He has held editorial positions with leading research journals, including Endocrinology and the Journal of Molecular Endocrinology.

Dr Clyne’s current research interests include the pharmacology of nuclear receptors and their co-regulators, and the regulation and action of oestrogen in breast cancer.

Selected publications

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