Systems biology of innate immune signalling is a Research Project for the Regulation of Interferon and Innate Signalling Research Group, under the Centre for Innate Immunity and Infectious Diseases.

Project Leader

In the process of studying the complexities of signal transduction, we generate copious data from microarray and next generation sequencing of the transcriptome activated by pathogens and by interferons. In order to help analyse the pathways and functional gene clusters involved and how they are integrated, we have a computational biology group working on the generation of databases (e.g. INTERFEROME), whereby we can integrate our data with all published information on this topic. We are developing tools to predict pathways and regulatory networks, including transcription factor binding sites in gene promoters. These in silico studies are complemented and validated by “wet” lab experiments, including gene regulation and chromatin IP.

Specific projects include:

  • Analysis of IFN “signatures” in disease (infections, inflammation, autoimmunity, cancer)
  • Discovery of novel signalling pathways by promoter analysis
  • MicroRNA regulation of IFN regulated genes
  • Whole genome (RNA Seq) analysis and integration of IFN signalling