PRRs signal transduction and the pro-inflammatory response is a Research Project for the Pattern Recognition Receptors and Inflammation Research Group, under the Centre for Innate Immunity and Infectious Diseases.

Project Leader

ciiid-picThis research project aims to characterise and identify novel signalling mediators of pathways that ‘fine-tune’ the message that is relayed from when a receptor recognises danger to when the pro-inflammatory response is activated. Using molecular and cellular biology methodologies, we identify and characterise novel interacting partners with PRR signal transduction pathways to characterize the biological effects upon inflammation and how this impacts on disease. We also collaborate with structural biologists to identify structural interfaces, with the aim of designing targeted therapeutics to alleviate chronic or dysregulated inflammation. Our studies use genetically deficient and human single nucleotide polymorphic mice to dissect and understand signal transduction pathways and pathogen-induced inflammatory disease.