Primary Aldosteronism Centre of Excellence (PACE)

The Primary Aldosteronism Centre of Excellence (PACE) is an inter-disciplinary and trans-national collaboration established in December 2018 to build capacity in the field of primary aldosteronism (PA) research in Australia and address knowledge gaps using a systematic and evidence-based approach.

PACE is built on existing collaborations and led by internationally respected clinician-scientists in PA-related research in Australia, including Professor Peter Fuller from Hudson Institute of Medical Research/Monash Health, Professor Michael Stowasser and Dr Martin Wolley from Queensland University, who have published extensively in the field and set the standards for PA management in Australia. PACE also has the support of world leaders in cardiovascular endocrinology, resistant hypertension research and cardiovascular epidemiology, A/Professor Morag Young (Baker Institute), Professor Markus Schlaich (University of Western Australia), Professor Trevor Mori (University of Western Australia) and Professor Christopher Reid (Curtin University); primary care health services researcher, Professor Grant Russell (Monash University); health economist, A/Professor Gang Chen; and senior biostatistician, Dr StellaMay Gwini (Monash University/Barwon Health).

Our goals

  • Optimise the timely and accurate diagnosis of PA through high quality, collaborative research and transformation of clinical practice guidelines and diagnostic methods;
  • identify genetic and environmental factors, as well as novel biomarkers, that will underpin personalized diagnostic tests and therapeutics in the prevention and management of PA; and
  • create translational research environments and develop clinical trial platforms to build the capacity for world-leading PA research by Australian clinicians and scientists.