Mechanisms of foetal urogenital system development

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Research Project:
Mechanisms of foetal urogenital system development

Research Group:
Reproductive Development and Cancer

Project Leader:
Dr Kaye Stenvers, email

Defects in the foetal development of the gonads underlie childhood and adult diseases, such as infertility and gonadal tumours. Our research focuses on identifying key factors that govern the formation and maintenance of healthy ovaries and testes with the aim of applying our discoveries to the treatment of disorders of the reproductive organs.

Proper formation of the adult ovary and testis requires precise regulation at the molecular and cellular levels. The adult capacity for reproduction is determined during foetal and neonatal development with the establishment of populations of primitive sperm and egg cells and essential supporting cells.

Our recent work focuses on genes controlling the structural and endocrine development of the foetal and adult ovary and testis. A major goal of our research is to uncover how disruptions to these essential developmental processes determine adult reproductive capacity and health.


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