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Beth Allison

Dr Beth Allison, Senior Research Scientist, Perinatal Transition Research group

WORK-LIFE | COVID-19 and the related stress has impacted my research. Several times I have been unable to attend experiments, because either myself or the kids were unwell. But my team rallied to make sure this work continued where possible. I have analysed data which has been awaiting my attention. However, one drawback is the reduced amount of philanthropic funding available for research.

HOME-LIFE | There was a COVID-positive case at our daycare centre which meant we were unable to send my daughter for several weeks. This compounded the stress associated with using these facilities! I have had quite bad anxiety, which I have never experienced before.

Unfortunately, I feel like the work-home life balance is lost. These are now melded together. My husband and I attempt to have protected work time each day, however this is incredibly difficult as we juggle caring for the kids. We work in the evening and on weekends to keep up. Our kids are quite excited when we say we have an important meeting—this generally means ABC Kids time!

A big positive is having the time with the children. I have worked close to full-time for most of their lives, so having this time together is precious.