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Reproductive Health is now a key global challenge, with impacts of the environment and changes in societies strongly impacting infertility and the long-term health of offspring.

Hudson Institute is internationally recognised for outstanding research into reproduction and pregnancy, spanning more than 40 years. Our scientists are answering the tough questions to improve male and female reproductive health.

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Dr Stacey Ellery's personal and professional worlds collide as she researchers further into whether taking creatine during pregnancy improves a healthier outcome for conceiving and delivering a healthy baby.

Creatine during pregnancy –
a scientist’s story

There are times when a researcher’s personal and professional worlds collide. One of those times came late last year for Dr Stacey Ellery, who researches the use of creatine during pregnancy.

As a researcher, Dr Ellery was well aware of the theory that supplementing the mother’s natural creatine intake improves the likelihood of conceiving and delivering a healthy baby. But when she was starting a family, the academic became personal.

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