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  • Hudson News Summer 2022

    Director’s message: A time to celebrate This is the time of year when we look back at what we have achieved and acknowledge the people who helped us make it……  Read more

    Professor Elizabeth Hartland
  • Special delivery – keeping preterm babies healthy

    When baby Max arrived – early and in a hurry – no-one realised he would play a vital part in keeping other preterm babies healthy in the future. Insert image……  Read more

    Suzana tells her story on the safe arrival of baby Max and praises Hudson Institute researchers keeping preterm babies healthy.
  • Finding and treating newborn brain injury

    The devastating effects of newborn brain injury are well known, and Professor Suzanne Miller’s aim is to be able to detect and treat those injuries in time to make a……  Read more

    Professor Suzanne Miller's research aims at detecting and treating newborn brain injury in time to make a difference to their lives.
  • Trial shows delayed cord clamping difference

    Small changes can sometimes have big impacts – just ask Drs Doug Blank and Shiraz Badurdeen. Their clinical trial of delayed cord clamping proved that a simple change to the……  Read more

    Dr Doug Blank, Professor Graeme Polglase, Professor Stuart Hooper prove that delayed cord clamping for newborn babies can make a difference to their lives.
  • New Head for The Ritchie Centre

    Professor Suzanne Miller, scientific leader in fetal and neonatal neurodevelopment, has been appointed as the new Head of The Ritchie Centre. Professor Suzanne Miller Hudson Institute’s Director and CEO, Professor Elizabeth……  Read more

    Professor Suzanne Miller Heads up The Ritchie Centre at Hudson Institute of Medical Research
  • Treatment hope for premature babies

    A treatment offering hope to parents of very premature babies is showing great promise, in the first worldwide stocktake of research into umbilical cord blood stem cells. Dr Lindsay Zhou……  Read more

    Dr Lindsay Zhou and researchers at Hudson Institute have reviewed all current research into umbilical cord blood stem cells treatment, which offers hope to premature babies.
  • Reducing brain damage in preterm babies

    The understanding of brain damage in preterm newborn babies has taken a big step, with a world-first study identifying significant differences in the mechanics of blood supply to the preterm brain. L–R:……  Read more

    Associate Professor Flora Wong, together with Dr Ishmael Inocencio and Ms Nhi Tran, has discovered that following increased brain activity, blood vessels in the immature preterm brain respond differently compared to those in the term brain.
  • Brain injury at birth – a better start for newborns

    Newborn babies who suffer brain injury at birth could face significantly less risk of disability, thanks to a new treatment developed by Hudson Institute and Monash University scientists. Professor Suzanne……  Read more

    Professor Suzanne Miller gives newborns with brain injury at birth a better start in life
  • NHMRC Investigator Grant Emerging Leadership success

    Hudson Institute is happy to announce the success of our researcher, Dr Doug Blank, in the new NHMRC Investigator Grant round. Ground-breaking research into what makes newborn babies begin breathing……  Read more

    Dr Doug Blank awarded NHMRC Investigator Grant
  • Neonatal seizures research awarded Cerebral Palsy Alliance funding

    Hudson Institute researchers will work with Monash University and Monash Health colleagues on an exciting new therapy for the treatment of neonatal seizures – following funding from the Cerebral Palsy……  Read more

    Dr Tamara Yawno from the Neurodevelopment and Neuroprotection Research Group at Hudson Institute